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Hey everyone, my name is Dan. I am essay writer and provide students with different types of writing assignments. On my free time, I read a lot and listen to the music. In this blog, I am going to share my latest book that I've read. I was very impressed.


Flowers for Algernon writen by Daniel Keyes is a beautiful, human book, with a little science fiction thrown in.


It examines morals and ethics without getting preachy—it’s a surprisingly easy read for such a thoughtful and deep book.


There are a few juicy scenes in it, which is why it’s occasionally removed from school libraries in Texas.

Flowers for Algernon is told through progress reports written by a low-IQ person who has an operation (we never learn the details) that quickly increases his IQ to genius levels. Unfortunately, his social and emotional skills do not increase at the same rate, and this causes hurt feelings all around.


Recommendation: Buy it. Seeing this on my shelf gives me a moment of pause, a two-second meditation, like briefly floating in a deep but safe ocean, before getting on with my day.

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